What Are The Basic Mistakes You Will Do While Preparing For A SSC CGL Examination?

 Candidates who wish to get a government job with a prestige tag appear in the SSC CGL exam as it offers Officer level posts to the fresher. Millions of aspirants appear every year but only a few qualify for SSC CGL EXAM. Most of them face failure due to some basic mistakes that they make while preparing for the SSC CGL examination. There are some mistakes that should be avoided by the aspirants to qualify for the SSC CGL Exam 2021 which is scheduled in the month of May-June 2021. 

1. Not following the syllabus while preparing

The syllabus is the ultimate yardstick to prepare for the exam proficiently. At times, candidates start preparing for the exam without understanding the topics mentioned in the syllabus. They just see the name of the subject and start studying the topics randomly. As an aspirant one should have adequate knowledge of the latest syllabus laid down by SSC. Read the SSC CGL notification carefully and understand the syllabus to get the right study material to cover the syllabus effectively.

2. Not practicing mock tests

Learning the topics is one aspect of exam preparation and practicing them in the required format is another. Learning without practice is useless and it will bear no fruits. Knowledge becomes thorough when it is followed by practice. Aspirants should join an online test series for SSC CGL EXAM and practice one or two full-length mock tests daily.  

3. Not revising the topics regularly

Revision is another significant element of exam preparation. One time learning without revision does not give thorough knowledge. Regular revision of the topics already covered is a must. It will help the candidates retain the topics for a long time and the same knowledge can be used for more than one exam. There are a number of SSC Exams with similar topics that can be taken effortlessly.

4. Learning from more than one resource book 

Candidates learning the basic concepts from more than one resource book generally confuse them. They are not able to gain adequate knowledge because they see the same concept written in diverse ways. It is highly recommended to buy one resource book for one subject. It will help them to cover the topics quickly and in one read-only. 

5. Using short tricks without understanding the basics

Understand the basics from the resource book before learning any short trick. Applying a short trick without learning the basics will lead to a wrong answer. Therefore one should learn the concept thoroughly before applying the short tricks. 

6. Not keeping a track record of performance of mock tests

Practicing the mock test regularly and keeping a proper track record of performance. It is the ultimate way to overcome weak topics well before the exam. If the topics are not prepared thoroughly then it becomes difficult to solve the questions correctly. Aspirants need speed and accuracy which can only be maintained by keeping a close eye on the performance on a daily basis.

7. Developing examination fear 

Never develop any examination fear before attempting the final exam. it will spoil your mindset and you will not be able to solve the question paper effectively.

8. No specific study plan

When candidates do not prepare a study plan for the exam preparation they lose concentration. Once the concentration is lost the learning ability becomes slow and leads to no results. Hard work in the wrong direction is futile. Therefore prepare a systematic study plan and follow it regularly to get the best outcomes. 

9.Avoiding the analysis of previous year papers & cut off

Previous year papers and cut-off analysis should be done effectively to be aware of the latest trend followed by the Commission for the SSC CGL exam. Previous year papers help in knowing the exam pattern and significant topics and cut-off helps in understanding the marking scheme of various aspects such as post-wise, category-wise, and section-wise. Post, category, and sections are the key factors to target any government job exams like SSC CGL. Those who do not make such analyses tend to face failures for sure.

10. Appearing in more than one competitive exam 

Most of the government job aspirants prepare for more than one exam simultaneously. It makes the preparation cumbersome. Concentrate on one exam or similar exams having almost the same exam pattern and syllabus so that one does not lose interest in studies. Note down the syllabus carefully and decide cautiously for the exam you want to pursue. You can apply for more than one but a target to qualify one and concentrate on the exam pattern and syllabus of the same.

These are some of the basic mistakes that candidates make while preparing for the SSC CGL Examination. It is advisable to avoid them and make your success road smooth and flawless to accomplish your goals. Besides following the latest SSC CGL notification, keep a track of the exam preparation from time to time to ensure the right and targeted exam preparation. You may join Best SSC CGL Coaching Chandigarh or elsewhere to ensure an authentic and targeted exam preparation. 

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