Top Reasons Why Red Flowers are Considered Romantic All Over The World


Just the way there are different flowers for different occasions, there are also different colours that symbolise different feelings- for example, red stands for deep love and passion. For ages now, red has been associated with love, in fact, it is known as the colour love. Whether it’s on rose Day, Valentine’s Day or any other day on the calendar, if you want to express your love for someone, chances are higher that you would go for roses, especially red roses if he or she is your romantic interest. Send rose online today to make this special one feel loved and without even saying a word, express your deepest feelings for this person!

Whether you are in the US, UK, India or anywhere in the world- everyone treats red as the colour of love, which is why during Valentine's week, you will see red decor all around no matter in which part of the world you are in. Ever since we are little, we are taught that red is the colour of love and roses, especially the red ones,symbolise love and therefore is the most popular choice of flower on Valentine’s Day. Did you know that a few billion roses are sold on the day of love (Valentine’s Day)

Do you want to know why red flowers, especially the red roses, are considered to be romantic all across the globe? Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Based on Greek & roman Mythology

If you dig deep into the history, you would get to know that there’s a tale about the Goddess of love creating the red roses, therefore it instantly became the flower that symbolises love.But then again on the other hand, a lot of people also believe that the same goddess’ tears and her lover Adoni’s blood, drenched the planet earth from where red roses started to grow. Hence, red roses became the symbol of deep long lasting love. 

There’s also a popular belief that red roses are the virtue of the Virgin Mary, therefore they are a symbol of passionate love. 

Did you know that Romans, especially the wealthy ones, back in the days used to use red roses to pamper themselves by taking baths filled with the petals of this flower, in order to get soft glowing skin and also to smell good. They also used to put fresh red roses in their bedrooms to add beauty and fragrance to it. 

  • Based on Eastern Culture Belief

According to the Hindus, goddess Laxmi, who is popularly known as the goddess of wealth and success and also the wife of Lord Vishnu, was created using the petals of small red rose and 108 large Roses. Thus, the Hindus have associated this particular flower- the red rose, with romance and deep love. This factor make the red roses a very popular choice of flowers among the Hindus all over the world when it comes to gifting flowers to a loved one, especially if he or she is a special someone. 

  • Based on modern times

For years now, the red rose has been the most commonly exchanged flowers between lovers- it is after all seen as the flower of love or the most romantic flower. So whether you give just one to your partner or a bunch of fresh red roses or in fact even a huge bouquet of red roses, it is considered to be a very romantic gesture, irrespective of your age, culture, gender, etc. 

Send Flowers to Mumbai or whenever your loved ones might be residing- it’s a brilliant way to bring a smile on their faces. The act of giving flowers might seem like a very small thing to you but it is considered to be one of the most romantic and sweetest gestures ever- it has the power to melt hearts and bring smiles on faces that are going to last for a very long time. Whether you want to gift flowers to your partner, parents, friends, siblings, cousins, or anybody else- do it today and do it as often as possible, you never know what even your nearest ones are going through, and who knows, maybe this flower is the best thing that has happened to them in a very long time? 

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