A party wall is a boundary or wall or announced building that you share with your neighbor. These are a common scenario which is seen between the semi-detached houses and terrace houses. However, it may affect the detached properties if you are sharing an invisible boundary line for a garden wall. It can be easy to you got a party wall such as a wall in between two terrace property. It can be quite difficult to exactly spot the shared boundaries. 

That is the reason why it is always recommended to have an architect on board who would be able to check out this issue ahead of time so that future conflicts could be avoided. By hiring the best party wall surveyors in Birmingham, you can ensure your party wall survey is being done in a proper manner. 

Why does your property need a party wall surveyor?

Whether you will legally require a party wall surveyor will actually depend on where you are currently in the process. In case you have failed to get permission for building a party wall, then you would first require a party wall agreement to sort out these issues. After that, you will be requiring to hire a party wall surveyor. The party wall surveyors in Birmingham are the top professionals who will be able to access the areas of your house and your neighbor’s house. If any kind of property damage or cause proper documentation will protect both the parties from misleading claims or unfair legal issues. 

Also, in light of the fact that their work gives evidence of the property’s condition preceding development, anything harmed can be appropriately reestablished. Assessors or the surveyors likewise deal with the party wall grant and set out the time and way in which works ought to be done, like working hours, access, and protection to decrease the danger of property harm. 

Generally, you and your neighbor will have a similar party wall surveyor. In any case, it is inside their privileges to request their own, and (unfortunately) in the two cases you’ll need to pay. 

Party wall surveyor and its benefits 

While having a party wall surveyor is an option for serving notice, it is highly recommended that you consider appointing one. Hiring a surveyor at the beginning can prove to be useful in helping you to manage your relationship with your neighbors does elevate their concerns about the safety and security of their property.

The entirety of this is essential as you need to give yourself the most obvious opportunity for getting discounted assent the bat. Inability to do so prompts an extensive lawful cycle, which can last at least 3 months, in addition to a lot heftier bill. You’ll need to take care of your expenses as well as those of your neighbor as well. This can run into the large numbers, particularly on the off chance that they decide to delegate a different Party wall surveyor of their own. By putting resources into a Party wall surveyor toward the beginning, you could save yourself both a ton of time and cash going ahead.

Is it necessary to serve your neighbor a notice?

For most of the home extension and loft conversion where the property is attached to one another, you will have to serve notices under the party wall act. The owner will be required to serve a notice that comes in accordance with the action along with the letter for the adjoining owner to sign in and send it back within 14 days of the notice period. This notice will include all the crucial information such as your address, name, job, details along with a complete description of all other applicable sections that come under the act. 

The adjoining owner would then receive a notice and they would get 14 days to respond it back. If the response is not received within 14 days then it is deemed that they have descended which means that both the parties now need to appoint two separate party wall surveyors or one agreed party wall surveyor.

If your neighbor agrees to the notification within 14 days, there is no requirement for honor or for a gathering divider assessor, in any case assuming there is a question, the selected surveyor(s) will manage the fine subtleties where the works influence the gathering divider and will, in the long run, go to an understanding and structure the honor report. Both the structure proprietor and bordering proprietor have the privilege inside 14 days of the honor being served to request its substance to the province court.

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