Nitrile gloves can be used in all types of situations as they offer optimal protection against contaminants, infections, and Chemicals that the person comes in touch with. This type of examination gloves has emerged as a common choice amongst industrial workers, medical industry workers, and other industrial purposes. 

The nitrile medical exam gloves are mainly used in the medical industry by doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. As an industry itself, the medical department is all about handling patients which poses a great risk of contamination and infection.

What are nitrile medical exam gloves made of?

Nitrile is a type of polymer that is made out of compounds and when they are combined together they form a substance like rubber. At the time of its advent, nitrile gloves were commonly used for abrasion and medical units globally. However, they are now currently being used in various professions including the Healthcare and medical industry which pose a greater risk of contamination.

Benefits of using the nitrile medical exam gloves

Here is a list of benefits that nitrile medical exam gloves offer:

  1. Lesser allergic sensitivities– Apart from the nitrile gloves, people also use latex gloves which are known for triggering allergic reactions in the wearer’s hand. This is because of the presence of rubber proteins in the latex material. The presence of some powdered substance inside the latex gloves is extremely harmful to the skin. Often, the wearer inhales this powder or it gets absorbed in his skin which causes sensitive reactions. Nitrile medical exam gloves act as a savior in this case as they are capable of providing a similar degree of protection against contamination as compared to latex. Also, it does not provide discomfort, unlike other glove variants. That is the reason they are widely preferred in the medical industry and are particularly used in surgical and cynical setups.

  2. Supple, soft, and tough– The nitrile gloves are extremely supple and soft material yet they provide strong durability and are tough in nature. The nitrile medical examination gloves are defiant against scratches, rips, and tears. It would last almost three times more than the letters gloves. However, the nitrile medical gloves are not completely or 100% puncture resistant. If you are handling sharp objects frequently then with the abrasion and scratches the nitrile gloves can tear up. But one of the best things about nitrile gloves is that with the smallest puncture, the whole material gets ripped away on its own thus reducing the chance of contact or contamination. However, this is not in the case of latex gloves as while they deteriorate, they form tiny holes which increases the chances of contamination.

  3. Better flexibility– The nitrile gloves come with superior stretchable qualities. This helps the nitrile medical examination gloves to rise above then the other gloves available in the market. It just fits smoothly like a second skin and it’s just adopted the hand contours. This is mainly possible because nitrile is a kind of material that is actually heat-activated. In other words, the wearer’s natural hand heat mainly activates the monomers in the glove material as it gets mostly controlled to the user’s hand shape. This thus makes the grip and handling of the objects easier. With their stretchable quality, the nitrile medical gloves are now known for their improvised flexibility and precision.

  4. Nitrile Gloves Have Better Chemical Resistance– Nitrile, being a manufactured elastic is designed to have high protection from synthetic compounds, acids, and oils contrasted with characteristic elastic gloves like latex. This advantage makes dispensable nitrile gloves a sure thing in essentially any industry, even car occupations. 

  5. Nitrile Gloves are Form-Fitting– At the point when a couple of gloves fits appropriately, it essentially expands solace just as aptitude. Nitrile is a material that effectively adjusts to your hand as body heat warms them up. These gloves are stretchable enough to fit easily on different hand sizes. 

Choose the best nitrile gloves only

Always go for or buying the sterile natural gloves manufactured by the best company that utilizes advanced polymer technology along with creating ambidextrous gloves. This glove is also suitable for utilization in the class one cleanroom environment which does not allow any particle in a size range of more than 0.5 um. The nitrile medical gloves are capable of resisting the natural electrical charges and therefore are incapable of attracting pathogens or contaminants. This makes it a high-quality choice for utilization in a clinical setup where risk management is of the utmost significance. 

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