The use of custom challenge coins was popular in the Military field and still today they are used excessively. Whether it is for the purpose of awarding someone or for representing a unit, challenge coins are customized and used.

But today their use is not only limited to the military world. They are used by corporate companies and other industries to serve different purposes.

For instance, custom coins are used as promotional tools in many corporate events. But as the use of challenge coins grew over the years, it has become harder to make them unique.

A lot of design and pattern similarities can be seen in custom challenge coins. If you wish to make your custom coins stand out from the rest then make sure to follow the below guideline.

Here we have covered some of the vital things that you need to consider adopting for your custom challenge coins for making them stand out from others. Continue to read till end to find out.

1.    Add a special quote or phrase

If you are really aiming to make your coins unique then adding a hint of personalization can help you achieve that. One of the ways to make it personalized is by adding a special quote or phrase.

Choose the quote according to the purpose that you want to serve. If you want to motivate your team then pick a quote accordingly. Make sure to add the quote on the side of the coin or in the middle.

Note that the quote you choose is short and relevant to the purpose for which the coins are used. Adding a long quote with too many words will make your coins look chaotic and messy.

Therefore, always decide on a phrase or quote that is short and related to the purpose of the coin.

2.   Acknowledging a particular accomplishment

While the custom challenge coins are used in different fields of occupations and organizations. One of the common things that they are used is for celebrating a remarkable day in someone’s life.

Custom challenge coins are often given to a person for recognizing the great deed that the person accomplished. Highlighting that in your coin or adding a symbol of recognition in the coin will forever mark the coin as something special.

So, if you want to appreciate the deeds of someone, for instance, an act of bravery or a person graduating then you can place your order for a custom challenge coin for it. It is a great idea for making your custom coins stand out.

As each person’s accomplishment is different and unique. Therefore, a custom coin made for acknowledging a particular accomplishment will be unique from the rest of the coins.

3.   Going for versatile coin edge

One of the ways in which you can make your coins unique is to go for different edges for them. Adding a bit of pattern on the edges can make a huge difference.

Most of us are really engaged in adding different elements to the face of the coin while completely forgetting the edge of it. You can focus on making the edge of the coin a bit different and therefore, making them unique as a whole.

You can add a bit of pattern on the edges instead of making them plain and simple. Try adding different textures or colors on the edges to make them stand out from the other challenge coins.

You can also include some phrases or words on the edge of the coin to make them unique and different.

4.   Highlighting a specific date on the coin

Want your coins to be distinctive? Well, you can add a special date on the face of the coin or on the back of the coin and highlight it.

It is really astonishing the things you can do to make your custom coins stand out from other challenge coins. Some of the tactics are really simple yet effective.

For example, adding a date to commemorate a special day or event. It not only adds an emotional sentiment to the coin but also makes them valuable for the person who is given such a coin.

You can use a different font, color, or texture to highlight the date and make it pop on the coin.

5.   Going for a different shaped coin

Whenever we say challenge coins, we assume the classic circle coin shape. But have you given a thought to going for different shapes for the coins?

Yes, there are many manufacturers that can offer you a unique shape for the custom coins. Instead of going for a classic circle, you can choose an unusual shape like triangular or hexagonal.

Going against the standard shape can make your coins look extremely unique and eye-catching.

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