Flowers are, no uncertainty, an incredible home decoration. A few people prefer to buy plastic blooms for their less maintenance and long life span. Natural fresh blossoms may not last as the plastic ones do. This article gives a few pointers on how to extend the life of natural jar flowers and have enjoyment with them at home with extended life.

Flowers need top-notch attention to grow properly. If you have received flowers with flower bouquet online delivery from your dear ones for any special occasion, you need to take care of its lifespan. So we will discuss how to properly take care of flower plants in your garden, vases, or pots. Read on to see essential care ways that you need to apply to your flowers.

Sugar And Vinegar: Everyone loves to have flower delivery online and to keep them as long as possible, and there are numerous good ways. One way is to mix two spoons of apple cider vinegar and two spoons of sugar with the water in the vase before putting flowers in it. Make sure you change the water with more sugar and vinegar with each water change. Repeat this step between three to four days to enhance your flowers’ longevity.

Antibacterial Solution: Another mystery for keeping cut flowers looking fresh and good as long as possible is to reduce the growth of bacteria in the water. And to provide nourishment to the flower since it had been cut. Add a few drops of vodka or any clear spirit to the jar of water for antibacterial effect along with one spoon of sugar. Change the water every other day, to revive flowers with vodka and sugar.

Keep your blooms aside from heat and bright light: Sometimes people assume they should put their jar of flowers near the sunny window since that is where a plant would get sunlight. However, cut flowers are actually the reverse of planted plants. They are at the top of perfection. Sun and heat will make them “mature” and thus accelerate their dying. Preferably, keep your cut flowers in a cool dark spot if you would like them to last as long as possible.

After you throw out your flower arrangement, be sure to clean the vessel/jar: Bacteria form up in dirty vases and do not go away just because the vessel dries out. As soon as you add water again, the jar will once again be full of bacteria, and your new flowers will be at risk to the same bacteria that killed the previous flowers. Give your flowers a fresh, clean atmosphere free of bacteria, and they will serve much longer.

Rearrange the Flowers: Whenever you send roses online to your dear ones, tell them to preserve them longer, by putting out the flowers to redesign and to re-cut the stems. Or by removing half an inch from the bottom of the stem and be sure to cut the stem at an angle to provide the flower with the best chance to consume up the water. You can advise them to use a sharp blade or sharp garden cutter or knife. And to avoid crushing or piercing the stems, as this can destroy the water vessels inside the stem and block water consumption. Also, remove any killed or faded blooms or leaves that are below the waterline in the vessel.

Keep An Eye On Flowers: Keep the vase, vessel, or liner filled with fresh water. Add fresh water combined with fresh flower food. These flower foods are available at the florist who provides online flower delivery in Delhi, and they hold the correct ingredients to properly nourish the flowers, keep bacteria low, encourage buds to open, and extend the life of the bouquet. 

So these were some of the best—and simplest—ways to increase the life of your flowers, but be sure to obey the directions. Poorly managed directions may do bigger harm than good.

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