Why Is Third Party Inspection Need of The Hour?

Understandably, there are many suppliers who feel they are being subjected to unfair scrutiny from an outsider. Usually, all the importer wants is eagle eyes on the product in order to make sure it meets all the needs before shipping.


So what is the best way to put your supplier at ease with the inspection process?

One way is to explain to them how an inspection can help them and improve the relationship they have with you. Keeping this in mind, here are 3 benefits of 3rd-party inspection for suppliers:

1. Improved quality of product

An important benefit of third party inspection for suppliers is to often improve the results that result. Sometimes the benefits of inspection service in china for suppliers that are easily preventable that reveal errors in a product of inspection.

The disaster is small, prominent, or critical, it helps the supplier to understand the underlying issues of the supplier about the underlying problem of knowing about it before the shipping process.

You can consider the order of headphones that are transferred to airfare. Those headphones may appear to be acceptable from the outside, but a close examination reveals many errors including the pressure pad and the pressure of the shock wirings. These problems are capable of producing outstanding "good looking" products. Without the defective headphones shipping, the supplier could visit outside the product.


The production can be used here to mark that during production time is responsible for any particular error. Once the blame is carefully found and adjusted:

  • Customers are better because they can be more confident to avoid the same flaws in the future

  • Due to the convenience of the supplier, factory processes improve and they can provide good products to all their customers to buy headphones.

It is no wonder the importers often prefer to work with suppliers that will allow third-party inspection. It shows that the supplier is constructive criticism or reaction that can lead to quality improvement. And a supplier who opposes outside visits is trying to hide something from their customers.

2. Improved relationships with customers

While considering the importance of 3rd party inspection for suppliers, you should be at the top of the list to improve your relationship with your provider.

An importer who may not have any external inspection of their order status and condition cannot be sure that until they actually receive finished products. Similarly, the supplier cannot get the feature from their customers until the subscribers see them. And one of the main reasons that the supplier and the importer believe that the difference between what is acceptable is the relationship between the two parties can turn the alloy.

Before returning from headphones example, factory workers may find the writing problem through a sample test of the finished product closed. But perhaps they do not understand that there is a problem you can take over the ear pad. The suppliers may repair units affected by the wiring issue, but by ignoring the address or by pressmark, who informs you.


Now your transparency level is limited. You may have a well-educated QC inspection checklist, but it does not include possible errors that you were not already aware of. The supplier ends up sending the finished headphones without knowing you have a problem with them. And your relationship with your suppliers suffers because of the difference in product prospects.

Before the public's expectations are most evident, it can be prevented before mass production begins. But there are often problems- such as the top one- that might be difficult to expect. By inspecting the product before the product inspectors, the supplier is able to:

  • Show the real condition of the product production and condition to the customer;

  • No response from customer to shipping to inferior or nonconforming products from shipping

  • Ships before satisfying the product satisfactorily and protect their relationship with their customer.

When suppliers collaborate with inspections, they assure their customers that the products will meet the expectations for the full quality. And this check builds trust between customers and suppliers and contributes to overall a healthy business relationship.


Suppliers sometimes don’t like third-party inspections services; however, there are many ways in which they can benefit by allowing independent inspectors in the factory. Your product quality and their production process can both be improved by inspection. If your supplier tries as much as possible to meet your expectations, then it is not a feeling of monitoring.


So if you are working with a supplier who is reluctant to allow third parties to monitor, then remind them of these three major benefits. Any reasonable supplier should be able to evaluate the map that you both can get from inspection.

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