Set Your Teen’s Priority Straight With OgyMogy Mac Monitoring Software

As a person dealing with a teenager, let me confess something. Dealing with today's’ teen lifestyle is not an easy job and most of you will agree with me on this eye-opening fact. They are wild, careless, don’t believe in following rules, and don't know anything about discipline. Other than that want everything to happen like they want which is an irresponsible demand. Thus keeping up with them requires one hell of patience and sanity. Moreover thanks to modern technology they have new and modern ways to make trouble.

In short to deal with the tech-savvy teen of this generation, one must know about the recent trends and technology. Using the new modernized tools to deal with them is the only option we have. And I say we are ready for that. I have been introduced to a fabulous technology that helps me know everything I want to know about my teen, that too without letting him know. As exciting it sounds, other hundreds of features offered by this tool can help the parents to keep a strict monitoring eye on the teen. The OgyMogy mac monitoring software parental control feature that can help the parents to set the teen priorities straight by monitoring their digital life.

Live Screen Recording:

The Live screen recording feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app can let the user know what plays on the screen of the teen all day long. Keep up with their screen schedules with the OgyMogy screen recording feature. You can make surprise visits or check the short videos and snapshots recorded by the OgyMogy spy app. 

Listen To the Company:

Don’t worry about the weird friend or odd company of your teen. Know about them as the real talk with listening to surround features offered by the OgyMogy spy app. The feature uses the mic of the target person and lets the user listen to all the random chat discussions and other sounds. You can know about your teen interest, discussion topics, and hobbies directly with the help of the mic bug feature.

Check the Movement History:

Worried that your teen slips away from school or skip classes frequently.  Bye to that stress as OgyMogy can let you know about the exact pinpoint location of your teen whenever you want. The GPS tracking feature offers a real-time location of the target person. By using the feature you will know about their every movement, any secret hideouts, or if they try to skip school. OgyMogy records the whereabouts history of your teen and will notify you about that.

Monitor the Browsing History:

Internet is a hallway of so much information in every possible media form. It is the responsibility of parents to keep an eye on the web activities of the teen and make sure they healthily use this technology. OgyMogy mac monitoring system provides remote access to the web search of the teen, thus parents can check the websites visited by the teenager. Make sure they are not into any kind of useless, weird material or adult content.

Block Useless Content:

In case you want to block any certain website that contains adult content or any other unwanted site, OgyMogy has got your back. The web filtering feature of the OgyMogy spy app allows the user to block any site whenever they want. Thus stop your teen to access any illegal content by using the web filtering feature of the OgyMogy.

Keep An Eye On The Device Status:

OgyMogy lets the user know about the teen device status information like a battery, Wi-Fi, or GPS status of your teen. In case of any school trip or out of station activity, remind them to charge their phone to keep in contact with them.

If you are not a mac user, don’t worry. Along with mac monitoring software, OgyMogy offers a windows spy app version as well. Monitor your teen laptop, tablets, and smartphones with the OgyMogy. The android spy app version has many features that monitor kid’s smartphone activities and let the parents know about every move. The OgyMogy offers features in the form of a bundle. Feel free to select the bundle of your choice that contains a maximum of desired features and enjoy the world of monitoring.


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