5 best virtual tour experience in Singapore


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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live our lives forever. The quarantines and health protocols that are implemented changed many things that we used to do freely. That includes traveling and vacationing. There are strict rules when it comes to traveling because of the pandemic. That is why not everyone is allowed to travel especially for the sake of leisure. However, that doesn’t mean that you should stop discovering new places. 

With the help of virtual tour Singapore services, you can visit places from just the comfort of your home. There are several tourist attractions from all over the world that used VR tour technology to accommodate people who wish to see them but can’t. In this article, we listed down the 5 best virtual tour experiences that you have access to in Singapore.

The Royal Academy of Arts, London

The United Kingdom is the home of many tourist attractions that symbolizes its rich monarchy history. That is why the country’s capital, London, has a lot of museums. One that you can visit through a VR tour is the Royal Academy of Arts’ Sensing Spaces exhibition. This exhibition uses 360° high-quality photographs for their virtual tour. You can see the structures of each exhibition piece as if you are really at that place.

Furthermore, while on the virtual tour, you will see a lot of information about each exhibition item. It is on a clickable tab on the right upper side of view. You can read about how each piece was structured. You will also be able to draw your conclusions of what space is all about and why it is important not only in architecture but also in our lives. If you want a similar virtual tour layout, you should avail yourself of virtual tour Singapore services to recreate something similar.

The Vatican, Rome

The Vatican City of Rome is a significant place not only for Catholics but also for those who love art, history, and architecture. Since Italy is one of the countries that was severely affected by the coronavirus, they do not allow foreigners to visit the Vatican. That is why many museums host online virtual tours of the Vatican locations. 

Through VR tour technology, people can visit the Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s Rooms from the comfort of their houses. They can admire the art inscribed on the walls and ceilings with closer inspection through a VR headset. Several of the best virtual tour Singapore companies can create virtual tours compatible with any VR headset similar to the Vatican. 

A 3-Minute Tour, Tokyo

Do you want to experience Tokyo, Japan but can’t be physically there? There is a solution and it will only take you 3 minutes to be able to tour and experience Tokyo. That may be physically impossible, but with VR technology, that can be accomplished. The Japan National Tourism Organization was able to create a 360° VR video which allows you to view from all angles. It becomes even more surreal when you view it via a VR headset. If you wish to incorporate a virtual tour video into your website, you should hire a virtual tour Singapore agency to help you create one.

Georgia Aquarium, Georgia, USA

The Georgia Aquarium is one of the most well-known water life exhibitions in the United States of America. It has over 50 marine species to see such as sea lions, jellyfishes, and underwater puffins. You can observe these water creatures online by streaming on their live webcam VR tour. They also offer daily and weekly live streams that are meant for children to have an interest in marine animals. They are good educational tools that children will surely enjoy. If you want to create an educational virtual tour, hire a virtual tour Singapore expert.

Machu Picchu, Andes Mountains, Peru

If you are looking for a VR tour experience that is full of lush greens and great scenery, check out the Machu Picchu virtual tour. Machu Picchu is located on top of the Andes Mountains in the wonderful country of Peru. It was named a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its stunning views and historical background. Its 360° virtual tour also contains a helpful voiced narration that explains each area of Machu Picchu. Furthermore, there are also images of the original residents of Machu Picchu. If you want a virtual tour with voice narrations, you can get that by seeking the assistance of a virtual tour Singapore specialist.

We can create virtual tours

Those are the 5 best virtual tours that you can access even if you are in Singapore. VR tour experiences were able to at least cheer up those who are hungry for travel. In fact, these virtual tours give them a taste of what views of the real locations are. 

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