What should I do if the card slot and is broken?


When we are talking about the iPhone repair (iphone reparatie Dordrecht) the card slot of the iPhone is not easy to remove after the card is installed. If you pull it out in a hurry, it can cause the card slot to break. Take it out and violently pull it out, causing the iPhone6 ​​card slot to break. Let's take a look at the repair process.
1.       Enter the system to test that all functions are normal. After disassembling the machine, I saw that the card slot was broken and it had been broken off, and the three contact pins of the card slot were pryed off. Corresponding bitmap found that these three feet have test points behind the card slot. There is not much explanation about the disassembly process here
2.       The location maps of the test points behind the card slot, fly directly from the test point to the corresponding pin, and fix it with green oil.
3.        Green oil curing
4.       Then remove a good card slot from the other motherboard and fill it in. The system test function is normal, and the problem of iPhone6 ​​card slot is solved perfectly.

How is the domestic mobile phone repair done? You know after reading this article!

As the most closely related electronic products in our daily lives and the most commonly used electronic products, the mobile phone industry has capable the iPhone down-frequency gate, and signal gate, and topics pertinent to mobile phone aspect and after-sales care are especially apparent.
How is the after-sales/iPhone repair service of the domestic mobile phone industry doing? How do users treat faulty phones? What kind of problem are most likely to occur on mobile phones? Today, let us get a glimpse of the status quo of the domestic after-sales maintenance industry through research data!
● Mobile phones become fast-moving consumer goods, with an average replacement frequency of about 1 unit/year
In this survey, our research objects covered almost all mainstream mobile phone brands in the domestic market, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor, OPPO, vivo. Statistics on the after-sales status of mobile phones.
Due to market share and research channels, among the nearly 1,000 questionnaires finally collected, the proportions of users of Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, and Meizu all exceeded or approached 20%. (Note: The brand accounted for more than 100% because many users have used 2 or more mobile phones within two years. From the overall percentage (approximately 228%), most users will use 2.3 mobile phones within two years. In other words, the average replacement frequency of users participating in the survey is about 1 set per year.
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