How Face Masks and Hand Sanitizers Can Work Together to Stay Germ-Free?

Nowadays people are taking care of personal hygiene more than ever. To attain a high level of protection against viral and bacterial contaminants, people are using personal protective equipment (PPE) like a face mask and hand sanitizer. But are they a reliable barrier against infectious particles?
The CDC recommends individuals to wear a mask or any face coverings in public places like grocery stores and pharmacies where social distancing is hard to maintain. When a protective gear is combined with certain preventive measures, it could make a really big difference. Face masks can help to filter out airborne particles, bacteria, fumes, droplets, and other harmful agents while liquid hand sanitizers play a huge role in keeping our hands germ-free.

But are they really useful? How much protection do they offer from viruses and bacteria? Let’s take a look at some factors and possibilities to gain a crystal clear understanding: -

How Much Effective and Useful are Hand Sanitizers?


Most people have a habit to touch their nose, eyes, mouth, and face frequently which may increase the risk of cross-contamination. In the current COVID-19 pandemic, all the government authorities are encouraging everyone to understand the importance of keeping our hands fully protected from germs and kill them with regular hand washing. As we cannot have soap and water in public settings, using a cheap hand sanitizer  could be a viable option to keep the hands safe from germs and viral contamination.

Why Wearing a Face Mask is Necessary?

A person is likely to attain a significant amount of protection against hazardous fumes, air pollutants, and bacterial contaminants by covering mouth and nose. Since infectious particles can be released into the air when we sneeze, cough, or talk, buy face mask to stay safe from contamination risk factors. 
People working in oil plants, construction sites, industrial applications, laboratories, workplaces, or other risky areas can use a face mask to minimize the exposure to cross-contamination. Always ensure to invest in face mask for sale that has the right fit, fabric, and promotes breathability to attain comfort for long hours. 

Is Hand Sanitizer Equally Effective as Hand Washing?

Hand sanitizer could be a great alternative to regular hand washing which can effectively keep your hands away from germs. When soap and water aren’t available, it can help to inactivate many types of germs, if used properly. Always make sure to buy hand sanitizer which contains at least 60% of alcohol to effectively reduce the number of microbes from hands.

How Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer Could Be a Potent Gear?

The main purpose of the mask is to block the infected particles and germs to enter in mouth and nose. Before and after touching a mask, it is essential to clean your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or instead, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to ensure optimum protection against infectious substances. Hence, wearing a mask over mouth and nose and keeping your hands germ-free both play a significant role in reducing the chances of contagion.
Conclusively, regular hand washing, and wearing a face mask is a feasible solution to protect yourself and people around you from infectious agents. It is one small step you can follow to curb the spread of contamination and create a safe environment throughout the nation.

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