5 Reasons Why you're Merchant Account May Be Denied

If you are a high-risk businessman industrialist, you need a merchant account for secure business deals. Applying for a business account can be difficult to process if you are seeking for the first time.
Merchant processors and banks need your detailed information regarding your personal profile and your business and here we see a procedure is involved. Thus this makes them assess your business and this reduces the risk.

Thus there are certain reasons why you are denied a High-Risk Merchant Account by theprocessors.
5 Reasons why your merchant account is denied by the processors
·         Application denied on account of bad credit history

The personal credit history of the merchant is verified and on the basis of the personal info, there is approval. If you are several people who can sign for your industry, you should be certain to use the ones who have good credits. The payment processors usually need that signer for the business account must be an individual with at least a ratio of possession or someone with a major designation if the firm is registered as a Corporation.

·         Dynamic tax issues                                                                                     

Individual or industry-related tax liens are regarded as high-risk circumstances for any merchant processor and will usually stop the procedure in its path. Resolve your tax issues before applying for a merchant account.

·         Restricted business kinds

Many payment processors maintain a list of businesses that they will not offer them the service. This is due to the high-risk nature involved. This is generally done to protect their interests. If you are declined from a high-risk business account, do not take it personally. But you must be aware of high-risk kinds usually result in higher processing fees charged to the merchant to assist in covering the risk that is tacit by the processor.  If you are a high-risk businessman, you will be having trouble getting approved. You should look for other alternatives via internet exploration for high-risk credit card processor.

·         Kinds of industries do not match the processing amount being asked for

Every business account application needs the merchant to apply for their predictable volumes based on previous processing and probable growth in the future. While any merchant processor is eager that your business must develop with their support, the processing amounts outside the standard for your corporate will almost certainly harm rather than aid your chances for getting approved.
You must assess your industry's processing amounts based on your current volume and the expected growth in your business in the last 4 -6 months in order to develop a realistic however optimistic number.

·         On the Match catalog

The Match List is supposed to be the Black List of merchant processors. Being in this list indicates that another bank has terminated a merchant account with you and has objected to offering you an account due to high-risk nature. To evade this complexity, make certain that any previous business accounts must be in an appropriate standing. This may make your business to avoid any further hardships in getting a merchant account.
Thus we see that how you can get a business account with the aid of a High-Risk MerchantAccount without any discomfort on the way.


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